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Industrial design with high quality materials for the utmost accuracy and reliability to protect any type of property from small to catastrophic leak damage.

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In Line Sensor

The Safehous FL-1000 smart leak sensor monitors any change in the flow of water in the home plumbing system by way of the home's main water feed line. The FL-1000 has the ability to detect if there is a leak in the system or if it is just normal water usage. The FL-1000 can also be installed in cold or hot water sources.


Flow Meter

Our turbine flow sensors have been specially developed for use in potable water series applications. The flow meter can read flow levels down to 1 LPM in one inch pipe. Due to the uniform flow to the bearing, the forces largely cancel each other out and wear is reduced to a minimum. The extremely hard bearing materials, sapphire and hard metal, also guarantee an exceptional service life.


Floor Sensor 

The Safehous Home floor leak detection sensor can be installed under sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. The leak sensor will activate when liquid touches the rope sensor attached to the floor sensor device. The leak alarm will trigger and notify the system.


Automated Shut Off Valve

When notified of a problem by one of the inline or floor leak sensors the Safehous automatic shutoff valve will either close the main water valve automatically or alert personnel to shut it off manually. The main water supply source will be shut off until the leak can be identified and repaired.


LoRa Gateway

1/4 MILE EXTREME LONG RANGE, thanks to our unique LoRa-based wireless system. LoRa, short for Long Range is a new technology, superior to WiFi and older RF types, in range and obstruction-penetration. Capable of covering multiple floors, as well as multiple buildings on large properties.


LoRa Slave Module Communication Control Unit

NO WIFI, NO INTERNET, NO POWER? NO PROBLEM! Our patented Control-D2D device-to-device pairing, over our LoRa-based wireless network, allows for devices to be paired to each other, in such a way they will continue to operate, even if WiFi is flaky, the internet goes down, or the AC power goes out.

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