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Industrial Grade Leak Detection Systems For Multifamily, and Commercial Properties Starting at $99 Per Unit.

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The most cost-effective, intuitive, and easy to install system on the market.

Commercial Smart Leak Detection

The Safehous FL-1000 Leak Detection system is specifically designed for multifamily, and commercial properties. Our industrial-grade design ensures reliability and dependability when it comes to protecting your property from catastrophic water damage due to undetected leaks. 

  • 1 out of 4 single-family homes will have a leaking toilet.

  • 1 out of 3 apartments will have a leaking faucet.

  • 8% of homes in the U.S. will experience a leak. That's 1 in 12 homes per year.

  • Water damage is 5X MORE likely than THEFT, and 6% more likely than FIRE.

  • In 2017, the total amount for insurance payouts was $13 billion with the average claim costing $10,000. 

Property owners can ensure they are protected from catastrophic water damage from undetected leaks by our 24/7 monitoring team. Our intuitive and convenient cloud-based server dashboard gives the owner or property manager full control if they desire. 

Water leak detection system
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Amazon Smart Water Leak Detection

Integrating leak detection technology into your multifamily and commercial properties should be 100% seamless. That's why the Safehous FL-1000 Leak Detection System has been designed to be integrable with most smart home technology like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Crestron, Savant, and much more to give the owner an easily monitorable property. 

Modular Components for easy installation. The FL-1000 leak detection system is a completely modular system. Unlike other leak detection systems, the FL-1000 has three modular components. The inline leak sensor, the valve, and the floor sensors. This allows for easy installation and allows the inline sensor to fit into tight locations such as condo walls. This also makes it easy to maintain and repair.


An Insurance

Company's Best Friend 

Leak Detection System Insurance Companies
Insurance Companies

At Safehous we have found through diligent research with multifamily and commercial property owners and insurance companies; that there are three obstacles that are discouraging the implementation of integrable leak detection systems into multifamily and commercial properties.

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Obstacle 1: Cost 

The price of leak detection hardware for multi-family properties is cost-prohibitive.

Safehous Solution:

We have mitigated this problem with our superior leak detection system designed through cost engineering, financial incentives, and payment plans. We have designed and manufactured our system so that it pays for its self in water savings.

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Obstacle 2: Installation 

The cost of the plumber to install the leak detection system is cost-prohibitive.

Safehous Solution:

We have solved this problem by integrating push-to-connect fittings into our system plumbing hardware. We have also designed and have available a non-intrusive shutoff valve.

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Obstacle 3: Internet Access 

The property owner cannot depend on a new tenant or even an existing tenant to manage or connect the lea detection system to their Wi-Fi network. The internet not being an easily accessible resource creates a severe logistical problem. 

Safehous Solution:

We have solved this problem by integrating push-to-connect fittings into our system plumbing hardware. We have also designed and have available a non-intrusive shutoff valve.


Water Leak Detection System
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