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Multifamily And Industrial Smart Leak Detection Systems

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Smart Technology

Our industrial-grade design ensures reliability and dependability when it comes to protecting your property from catastrophic water damage due to undetected leaks.

Real Time Remote Monitoring

The intuitive and convenient cloud-based server dashboard allows the owner or property manager to have 24/7 real-time monitoring capabilities. Receive leak alerts and have full control of the system from anywhere in the world as soon as they happen to stop water damage before it's too late.


Easy to install due to the modular design with the ability to intergrate into existing smart home technology like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Crestron, Savant, and much more to allow for a seamless installation.  

The most cost-effective, intuitive, and easy to install system on the market.

Smart is an understatement

Wireless LoRA Connectivity

A wireless communication standard that has superior obstruction penetration, and achieves incredibly long range while using very little power.

Easy To Use

Incredibly intuitive to use and configure.

Cellular of WiFi Connection

Equipped with on board cellular or local WiFi connection.

Modular Design

The modular design allows the leak detection system to be installed in hard to reach areas.


The Safehous FL-1000 leak detection system is specifically designed to work in vertical living spaces such as apartments, condos, townhomes, and industrial facilities. The FL-1000 leak system comes complete with an inline leak sensor and floor leak sensors that can be strategically installed in specific trouble areas such as under sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, bathrooms, etc. The system also comes with a smart automated shutoff valve for the main water feed.




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Leak Detection Packages

An option for every type of property.

Option One

  • 3x Floor Sensors

  • LORA Gateway

Option Two

  • 3x Floor Sensors

  • Automated Shut Off Valve

  • Communication Control Unit

  • LORA Gateway

Option Three

  • 3x Floor Sensors

  • Flow Meter

  • Automated Shut Off Valve

  • Communication Control Unit

  • LORA Gateway

Option Four

  • 3x Floor Sensors

  • In Line Sensor

  • Automated Shut Off Valve

  • Communication Control Unit

  • LORA Gateway

System Layout Example

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