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Why Choose Safehous?

Realize maximum value with our expertise in embedded systems for industrial IoT. We deliver embedded systems and customized solutions that empower IIoT devices in the field to gather data and communicate with other connected systems.

Whether the IIoT application involves wireless, wired or a combination of LTE or LPWAN connectivity technologies, we engineer and assemble high-performance, long-life computing solutions.

Our embedded systems for industrial IoT reliably sense, control and transmit data between different IIoT devices and harsh environments.

Unparalleled performance

Where performance makes a difference, our smart technology integrates seamless or we are able to start from the ground up to enhance customization for longer lasting operations.

Proven reliability

No more doubts about how a system performs. Feel at ease that you will have maximum uptime and knowledge that your assets are performing accurately.

Modular Components

Allows for easy installation

Technology Integration

Easily integratabtle with existing smart home products. (Amazon, Google, Crestron, Control4)

Cloud Based Server

Monitor all units from one central location with an intuitive app.

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