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In-Line Flow Sensor 

The Safehous FL-1000 smart leak sensor monitors any change in the flow of water in the home plumbing system by way of the home's main water feed line. The FL-1000 has the ability to detect if there is a leak in the system or if it is just normal water usage. The FL-1000 can also be installed of cold or hot water sources.

Honeywell Floor Sensor Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector

Floor Sensor

The Safehous/ Honeywell Home floor leak detection sensor can be installed under sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, etc. The leak sensor will activate when liquid touches the rope sensor attached to the floor sensor device. The leak alarm will trigger and notify the system. 

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Automated Shutoff Valve

When notified of a problem by one of the inline or floor leak sensors the Safehous automatic shutoff valve will either close the main water valve automatically or alert personnel to shut it off manually. The main water supply source will be shut off until the leak can be identified and repaired.

IoT Rope Sensor

Rope Sensor 

The Safehous industrial rope leak detection sensor can be strategically installed in furnace rooms, boiler rooms and laundry rooms or any area where a large surface area of coverage is required.

Cloud Based Server Dashboard
IoT Server Dashboard

Free Intuitive User Interface with Cloud Based Server Dashboard 

The property owner and or property manager will be notified by email and or text message when a leak has occurred. The FL-1000 system’s cloud-based server can monitor all condo or apartment units from one central location.   

Integrable with all smart home products

Safehous has been designed to integrate with most smart home products and technologies on the market. 

IoT Wi-Fi to Cellular Gateway

WIFI to NB-IoT 2G Cellular Gateway with FREE DATA 

Safehous has utilizes the CellFree Wireless CFW-1000 WIFI to NB-IoT cellular gateway with FREE DATA for 10 Years. 

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